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Video Tutorials

Ever have the feeling that you need more help, but reading books is slower than you want. Taking classes and want to reinforce that knowledge with more hands on work? Tired of sifting through tutorials online? Well check out this article to see reviews of video tutorials sites dealing with Flash.

Video TutorialsMy last article (which was far too long ago) dealt with inspiration, this article I would like to deal with video tutorials and getting up to speed on training. Video Tutorials have become a great way to learn about Flash and the Flash Platform in a non classroom setting. This will help facilitate and add on to the book reading and classroom time you are spending to learn a particular program. The Flash Platform has many tutorials set up to assist students and novice Flash developers in learning the subtle behind the scenes work of creating a project from the ground up. The article highlights a skill level, but don't let that stop you from checking their tutorials out even if you feel you are not up to that skill level yet.

Cost: Free
Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced
The Skinny: I have always liked Macromedia, now Adobe's Devnet site. It is expansive and covers all of the topics related to the company, with the best developers in the world reporting (including pfpaug's own Rob Hall). Anyway, they have some that are very video intensive and really worth the watch.
Other Site Enhancements:
It's Adobe, they have too much to mention on their site in just this short description.

Cost: Subscription Monthly fee
Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced
The Skinny: The mother ship of Video tutorials. They have been creating videos for multitude of products for years. They are also the creators of the Flash Forward Conference, a long and respected conference in the Flash community. Their tutorials are created by some of the best Flash minds in the world. They have constantly filled their tutorials with fresh perspectives and presenters. All of their products and videos are available on a monthly fee that is reasonable. The hard part is finding the time in one month to view all the videos you want to see.
Other Site Enhancements:
You can purchase the videos on CD, as a bundle, or buy books on their site as well. They also provide some resources on their site for free.

Cost: Free
Skill Level: Novice - Advanced
The Skinny: This site has been one of my favorites for a long time. It features Flash videos that play as soon as they are loaded, they are succinct and to the point. The video topics are also very informative and current on subject matter. They do not delve into topics such as Flex or Design Patterns, so their scope is more on the Novice side, but even advanced users like myself have picked up tips from their tutorials.
Other Site Enhancements: Their forum is very good and covers some more topics that may not have been included in the tutorials. There is a location on the site to recommend a tutorial as well if you want something in particular covered. The site is also very easy to navigate.

Flash Extensions
Cost: Free and Paid Subscription
Skill Level: Advanced
The Skinny:
This site is very advanced covering topics such as Flex, Flash, Design Patterns, Red 5, Shared Objects and more. The site boasts over 200 video tutorials in its catalog. But for starting out you can view some tutorials for free.
Other Site Enhancements:
There is a link to a Flash Platform forum to get more answers and they have a blog linked to their site as well.

Learn Flash
Cost: Free and Paid Subscription
Skill Level: Beginner
The Skinny:
I have not signed up for their service so I cannot comment on that. However they have podcasts available for download right to ITunes or your IPod if you wanted to travel with it. Their tutorials on the podcasts are pretty basic but give a very good demonstration of how to execute some effects.
Other Site Enhancements:
You can sign up for 45 minutes of free videos on their site. Also again, podcasts are cool. They also have a lot of sister sites that also provide free videos for other products.

Atomic Learning
Cost: Paid Subscription and few free videos
Skill Level:
The Skinny:
I am a teacher at Philadelphia University now, so I have free access to these tutorials through school. They are a very good resource as a teacher to tell my students to get more early learning. They have "advanced" tutorials for Flash, but don't let that fool you, they are still pretty basic. But the videos are very well put together and can be a good resource for those just starting out.
Other Site Enhancements:
Much like Lynda.com they offer a very wide range of products other than just Flash. So if you are looking to get started in other programs too, check them out, they may be able to help you on your path.

Total Training
Cost: Paid Subscription and 2 hours free
Skill Level:
Beginner - Advanced
The Skinny:
I have not seen a lot of their tutorials but had to add them into it. They are featured on Adobe's site if you need to see some sample work. They also boast of giving out 2 hours free for their videos, but I couldn't get to them right away.

Cartoon Smart
Cost: Purchase Videos
Skill Level:
The Skinny:
This is a great site for anyone looking to learn more about cartoon animation. They provide a wide range of learning tools for Flash, but its their cartoon animations that set this site apart and give them a niche for video tutorials.
Other Site Enhancements:
They offer free downloads on their site to look at how some of their animations were made. The also offer free Flash tutorials, but I had problems downloading them.

Posted: 02.12.2007 - 11:31am
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