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New Nearby Group - Susquehanna Valley Flash User Group and First Meeting

On January 27th @6:15pm the first Susquehanna Valley FUG meeting will be taking place. On behalf of Jason Epperson the groups manager, I wanted to invite those of you who might be our nearby neighbors out in Western PA, but who just can never seem to make it to Philly, if you are in the York/Lancaster area, then this is a great new resource for you. Or even for those of you here in the Philly area, who just can't get enough Flash, and or want to take a short road trip out and enjoy the scenery - then this group is for you.

About the groups focus:
Adobe ActionScript products; primarily Flex, Flash and AIR, in the Susquehanna Valley area (Lancaster and York counties)

More info is available here:

Questions and contact info: Please contact Jason at jepperson at nxtbookmedia.com or call 717.735.9759.

The SVFUG's first meeting will be as follows:

Date and Time: January 27, 2009 from 6:15pm - 7:30pm EST

480 New Holland Avenue
Building 9
Lancaster, PA 17602
google map

Call-in Details: 717.735.9759

Inaugural Meeting:
Introductions: What we are? Why we are? What we intend to cover (what you'd like to see covered)? This will be our first meeting. We'll discuss what works best for all attendees. With all of our busy schedules it will be impossible for us to find a perfect date and time for everyone. But we're open to feedback, and we're looking forward to hearing from you.


MAX: A number of our members recently attended Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco. We'll share what we saw and what we learned with the rest of the group. If you attended MAX this year, please let us know - we'd love to hear what you learned as well.

[OPTIONAL - if time allows]

Flex Builder: "Tips'n'Tricks", Jason (SVFUG Co-Chair) will review some tips and tricks that can help you be more productive in your coding with Flex Builder. Expect others to chime in as well...

So welcome to the community Jason Epperson and all new potential SVFUG members!

Posted: 01.13.2009 - 08:21am
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Flex Fundamentals

Our local sister group, The Philadelphia Flex User Group is kicking off 2009 with the first of what may turn into a series of meeting that will focus on the basics and fundamentals of working with Flex. If you are coming from the Flash world, and just havent wrapped your head around Flex yet, or coming from an entirely different background, this might be one of the better meetings to attend. More details below:

Location: Wharton at UPenn, Room G60.
Date: Thursday, January 15th, 2009
Time: 7-11 PM
Prizes: Books, Shirts, etc

I don't even think this info has gone up yet on the Flex User Group site, as it came together over the holidays on the mailing list for the group - which you can sign up for here: http://groups.google.com/group/phflex?hl=en

Also, don't forget our Flash focused mailing list available here:

Our next official meeting, is going to be near the end of the month, and will be a roundtable style event, which will focus on a recap of 2008, info from Adobe MAX 2008, and plans for 2009. More info to be posted later this week.

Posted: 01.13.2009 - 08:05am
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