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Adobe AIR update for Flash CS3 Professional Beta 1

Adobe has just posted beta 1 of the Adobe AIR update for Flash CS3 - it allows you to create, test and package AIR applications all from within the Flash CS3 Professional IDE. I put up a post with more details on my personal site here: http://www.impossibilities.com/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=244

To jump right to the wiki on labs.adobe.com with the download and documentation, go here: http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/AIR:Flash_CS3_Professional_Update

For those of you attending the On AIR Bus Tour stop in Philly on Wednesday, this gives you an extra way to publish out your AIR app for the Hot AIR contest! I hope to see some more entries before midnight tomorrow night!

Posted: 08.20.2007 - 8:49pm
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We Need Your AIR apps for Hot AIR Contest in Philadelphia!

The Adobe On AIR Bus Tour rolls into Philadelphia next week on August 22nd (see previous posts for more info) and we need more entries for the Hot AIR Contest! So far we have nearly 200 individuals registered for the event, but there have been very few entries for the Hot AIR contest. There is still plenty of time to submit an entry, I'm extending the deadline to 12noon on the 21st. Please consider putting something together and entering the contest, you have a really great chance at winning some very cool prizes.

I was watching the first event of the east coat leg of the tour, in Atlanta, this morning and the lineup for the event, speakers and presentations look really great. If you haven't already registered to attend, please do so as soon as possible. Look forward to seeing everyone at the event!

UPDATE: I'm giving everyone till midnight on the 21st to get an entry in!

Posted: 08.14.2007 - 11:23am
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Philadelphia Area Flash Platform Job Listings BETA Open to the Public

I have been wanting to put together a job listing area for some time now. Our user group and many other local groups and mailing lists that I participate in are constantly getting bombarded with requests to pass along job listings, and queries as to where might be the best place to list a job. Well, I have finally done something about it, that will hopefully benefit recruiters/companies looking to hire and local individuals looking for work. If it pans out like I hope it will, it should also help our group and other local groups.

So, I am introducing in early BETA form, warts and all, the PFPAUG Job Listings BETA. If you are interested in looking for work, or interested in putting up a position, please take a look. We are looking for feedback on cosmetics, browser issues, usability, bugs, etc. Remember it is a BETA and things are evolving (especially the cosmetics, CSS and sitecopy) but the core functionality is in place.

Right now the system is geared towards Flash Platform related job listings and candidates and the local area, but I'm certainly open to expanding it further for all types of web/design listings and more areas should it prove useful.

Please feel free to send us feedback, comments or questions in the comments here on this post, or use our contact form.

Thanks and I hope this turns out to be a useful resource!

UPDATE: 08.03.07
I added an RSS feed of the job database (see the link in the bottom right of all pages).
I added the ability for job candidates who have uploaded a resume/Cv to view the currently stored resume/CV from the update details page.

Posted: 08.02.2007 - 3:07pm
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