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Join us for the Adobe CS3 Launch Event on March 27th

Greetings all! Our next meeting will be very special. March 27th, 2007 - join the Philadelphia Flash Platform Group as a new era in creative expression is about to unfold, freeing us to color
outside the lines, to think in multiple dimensions, to engage audiences like never before. The Philadelphia Flash Platform Group will be hosting a meeting for the official launch of Adobe Creative Suite 3!! Please join us at this special meeting that will include the recorded launch announcement from Adobe featuring presentations by Adobe executives, product demonstrations, and a chance to win one of the first copies of the new CS3 suite when it starts shipping! We will also be demonstrating the recently released public Alpha of Adobe Apollo, as well as some other interesting new products from Adobe. We will also have some great goodies to give away and refreshments.

Come join the rest of the creative industry and be part of the buzz and excitement by participating in this very special launch event.

Tuesday March 27th - 7pm-9pm EST (and probably a bit over)


University of the Arts
211 S. Broad Street - Terra Building (Google Maps Overview)
8th Floor - Connelly Auditorium

Location Note: The Terra Building is on the East side of Broad Street. Please check in with security at front desk, then take elevator to 8th floor, Connelly Auditorium is towards the back - watch for signs.

Please RSVP: If you do plan on attending, please drop us a note using our contact form so we can have a good handle on refreshments, capacity, etc.

Parking: There is a pay lot just next door with an entrance off of Broad Street, and one around the corner off of Juniper and Locust, as well as offstreet parking (if you can find it) and more garages a block past the west side of Broad Street off of Latimer Street. There is also good parking off South Street if you like to walk. finally this is a handy reference for locating parking in the city.

Local Transportation/Directions: The Walnut-Locust Septa subway stop puts you right near the building at 15th and Locust.If your coming on regional rail head towards Suburban Station and the 15th Street Station and then you can hoof it, or connect on the subway the rest of the way, or take the Market Frankford line to 15th or 13th and cutover. Sounds crazy huh? Reference Septa.org's clickable map for an overview if you aren't sure.

Refreshments: We will have pizza and soda outside the entrance to the auditorium starting at just before 7pm, grab a slice and a drink and enjoy as we make sure everyone gets a chance to arrive on time. There is no food allowed in the auditorium itself, so scarf down your food and then head on in and grab a seat, so we can start promptly at 7:15pm.

We are extremely grateful to UArts Professor Geoff DiMasi and head of P'unk Avenue for securing the great location and facility for us at University of the Arts, especially at the last minute. Thanks Geoff!

Posted: 03.20.2007 - 2:17pm
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