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Flash/Flex Conference Listings

I just added a resource to the Events page. There is a Google Calendar maintained by Benoit Milgram that lists many upcoming conferences that cover Flash/Flex. I found it handy, so I wrote a little PHP to pull in the XML feed from the Google Calendar to incorporate it into the site automatically updating anytime new entries are added. If you know of other conferences or events that should be on the calendar, make sure you contact Benoit to get them added.

Posted: 01.21.2007 - 12:16pm
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Adobe Flash Player 9 For Linux Final Released

Adobe announced the availability of Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux, the next-generation client runtime for engaging with Flash content and applications on Linux open source operating systems. Official Press Release available here. A standalone and debugger versions of the player for Linux are also available on this page.

This brings a much greater parity between Mac/Windows/Linux machines in their ability to view Flash content/applications/etc.

With the availability of the free Flex 2.0.1 SDK, Linux users have a complete solution for creating and viewing Flash content on their favorite OS.

For some further technical info on the release version for Linux, and a few additional details, see Emmy Huang's (Flash Player Product Manager) blog entry, and Tinic Uro's (Flash Player Engineering Team) blog entry.

Posted: 01.17.2007 - 12:36pm
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Flash/ActionScript/Flex Job Listings

Some folks might not notice without me pointing it out, but I recently added in some handy job listings links to the bottom right of the home page here underneath the "Local/Global Support Links" I'll probably expand this with a dedicated page that will have longer listings, but currently I've got a Flex based app from DeveloperCircuit that lists Adobe technology related job listings. Seeing the listings are free, if you want to post a job listing, visit DeveloperCircuit and your job listing will get circulated to a series of websites that cater just to the types of developers you are looking for.

In addition I also am pulling in an RSS feed listing of Flash/ActionScript/Flex jobs within a 25 mile radius of Philadelphia via Indeed.com which is a really fantastic quick job search site.

I added these listings for a number of reasons, but also because I had some corruption of our Forum database, which gets a lot of job posting's/listings and I need to restore a backup and do some work to get it functioning again. I'm probably going to replace it with a mailing-list soon to get more bang for the buck.

Stay tuned for more updates to get the ball rolling in 2007!

Posted: 01.12.2007 - 4:49pm
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UGTV - User Group TV

Charlie Arehart maintains UGTV - "a repository of links to 88 recorded user group presentations by 66 speakers around the world, offered as a service to user group members and managers by Charlie Arehart and carehart.org". Charlie created the resource primarily for the ColdFusion community, but he welcomes listing links to presentations from other segments of the Adobe user group world representing other Adobe products, and even other user group communities. Its an excellent resource definitely worth a peek.

Posted: 01.12.2007 - 3:09pm
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Flex 2.0.1 Released - Updates/Fixes/New Features and Mac OS X Compatibility

Adobe Flex 2.0.1 has been released! Lots of great info about it from Ted Patrick here, and another recent post from Ted outlines some great Flex learning resources here, and a really nice article about the new runtime CSS styling capabilities of Flex 2.0.1 here. For you Mac OS X folks, this also marks the introduction of a Mac OS X version of FlexBuilder. If you have a PC license already, Adobe is even allowing you to turn in that license and switch to Mac OS X in case you were an early adopter. See item #39 in the FAQ on Flex for more information on the process involved to switch your license to Mac OS X version of FlexBuilder.

Posted: 01.12.2007 - 3:02pm
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