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Adobe Game Jam - October 19th-20th - San Francisco

Adobe has announced a great event for game developers working with the Flash Platform:

"Are you into developing games? Do you want to show off your game coding skills, have fun, and win some cool prizes? Join us at an Adobe® Game Jam. You’ll meet like-minded people and learn more about game design and development using Adobe Flash® technologies."

All are welcome, from the budding novice, to the seasoned professional - there will be prizes and lots of fun to be had.

A total of 50 participants at this event, so act fast!

More info on the event, rules, requirements, etc., is available here.

Or jump right to the registration page (which also has additional info on schedule/parking/sessions, etc.)

Let's see Philly represent!

Posted: 09.27.2012 - 07:25am
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Create the Web Video Sessions Posted

Adobe has just posted a full set of videos from all the sessions of the Create the Web Event from this past Monday the 24th in San Francisco.

The full set of videos is available here at the Adobe & the Web YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AdobeandtheWeb/

Below is the individual list of videos for your direct clicking/viewing pleasure:

Full Keynote

Keynote Sections:
Keynote : Adobe and the Web Platform

Keynote : Edge Animate

Keynote : Edge Reflow

Keynote : Adobe and Typography

Keynote : Brackets and Edge Code

Keynote : Edge Inspect

Keynote : PhoneGap/PhoneGap Build

Keynote : Edge Tools and Services and Creative Cloud

Journey Through the Graphical Web

Afternoon Sessions:

Adobe Edge Animate: Creating the Interactive Web

Brackets: Code The Web

PhoneGap: Building and Testing Mobile Apps with Web Standards

Adobe Pipeline Sneaks

Create JS: Creating Rich, Interactive Experiences for HTML5

Design Responsively: Creating a Site that Works Across Screens


Posted: 09.25.2012 - 3:55pm
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Adobe Create the Web Tour Coming to Philadelphia - 11/29/2012

Just a quick heads up that Adobe's Create the Web Tour is coming to Philadelphia on November 29th, in conjunction with our friends at PANMA.

It will be held at UPenn/Wharton in Huntsman Hall, room G-255. Doors at 5:30, event from 6pm - 9pm.

More information, and registration is available here: http://panmaadobe.eventbrite.com

In the meantime if you haven't already checked out the keynote from the kickoff meeting and all the new tools, services and announcements they announced earlier today, you can watch the video here: http://html.adobe.com/events/

And more info in general here: http://html.adobe.com/

You can also follow along on twitter: https://twitter.com/createtheweb

Additionally all the videos from the Kickoff San Francisco event have been posted for your viewing pleasure - enjoy!

Posted: 09.24.2012 - 11:43am
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PANMA AutoDesk Smoke Meeting - September 27th

Our friends at PANMA have a cool upcoming meeting on September 27th - Next Generation of Video Editing & Effects with Autodesk Smoke 2013 - sounds like a great meeting to get more info on the upcoming release of Smoke.

More info and registration here: http://panma.eventbrite.com

Grab the pre-release of Smoke here: http://usa.autodesk.com/smoke-for-mac/trial/

Posted: 09.21.2012 - 08:59am
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Philadelphia AIGA Creative Cloud Workshop October 13

Our friends at the Philadelphia AIGA are hosting a workshop for designers on Adobe Creative Cloud on October 12.

Find out more info here:

We have some additional news regarding some upcoming Adobe events in Philly for this fall we will be posting about next week - stay tuned!

Posted: 09.21.2012 - 08:56am
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Great Flex Developer Opportunity with Brookwood

I am posting this listing for our friends at Brookwood - they are looking for a solid Flex developer to bring into their fold for a really cool project. Below is a list of criteria they have for the ideal candidate - take a look and see if you think it might be for you and then contact them to let them know.

· Flex 4.5 spark with mx components (mx required for the LCCS components)
· Parsley 2.4 using Cairngorm Navigation Support component
· LiveCycle Collaboration Services (LCCS)

· The application uses LCCS to share data and video.
· There is a custom backend built in Java that the frontend uses BlazeDS to communicate with. The java backend also connects to LCCS to update data to share with the Flex clients.
· Audio is handled by integration with PGi. The PGi integration is handled by the Java backend and data is updated in LCCS to share with the frontend.
· Authentication is handled by the java app and a token is requested from LCCS and passed to the Flex app as a FlashVar. The LCCS token is used when connecting to the application.

· 4+ years of Solid experience in all versions of Flex from 3.0 to Flex 4.0, should be well versed with Flex 4.0 features.
· At least 1 year of Component Development in Action Script
· Experience with Parsley, Swiz or any other IOC based Micro- Architecture
· Experience with Flex 3 and 4 component skinning
· Experience with Messaging using BlazeDS
· Experience with video and/or Flash Media Server helpful
· Experience with Live Cycle Collaboration Services helpful

Posted: 09.21.2012 - 06:21am
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Workshop October 5th at IndyHall: Making Things Move with CSS and JavaScript

I wanted to make all our members aware of an upcoming one day workshop on October 5th, at IndyHall. The workshop will be lead by our friend Val Head, and is titled: "Making Things Move with CSS and JavaScript" - A workshop on making the most of your standards-based transitions, animations and interactions. It will be from 9:30am to 4:30pm - and space is limited! Tickets went on sale today for the 10 spots available - if you are interested in this topic, Val is a great instructor with plenty of real world practical experience with her clients, past workshops and conferences she has organized and run in Pittsburgh - don't miss this opportunity.

Here is an excerpt about the workshop from Val's site:
    "It seems like there are a million ways to make things move on the web these days, which makes the why and how behind your animations even more important! In this workshop we’ll look at how to get the most out of your transitions and animations with CSS. Then we’ll add JavaScript into the mix for even more powerful options.

    Get a jumpstart on current standards in animating and adding motion on the web as well as a solid foundation for the design thinking behind them! We’ll get our hands dirty with some code (CSS and JavaScript) and some solid examples for you to take home. We’ll also spend time on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind our animation decisions and discuss what works and what doesn’t."

For more information please visit: http://www.valhead.com/workshops/

Or jump right to register for your spot in the class: http://designingmotionphilly.eventbrite.com/

Posted: 09.06.2012 - 2:02pm
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Summer Sabbatical Almost Over

Greetings everyone! In a few short weeks the "summer" season will be wrapping up, vacations ending and school starting back up for kids and adults alike. We have taken the past few summer months off as a sabbatical of sorts, but are now working on plans for our next few meetings and the restructuring and refocusing of our group that had been started earlier in the year. If any of our members or followers have any suggestions on topics, speakers, events, direction, etc. please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.

Posted: 08.16.2012 - 08:38am
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Adobe White Papers on the Flash Runtime

Adobe has some nice new whitepapers on the roadmap and what to expect for the Flash Runtime and Flex, cool news about Google and Adobe partnering for Flash on Linux and other good stuff - more info and links below:

Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes:

All whitepapers:

Adobe and Google Partnering for Flash Player on Linux:

Flash Roadmap Whitepaper Published:

Flex And It's Future:

Posted: 02.22.2012 - 05:28am
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Flex to Sencha with Ted Patrick - March 12th at Wharton's Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Pleased to announce that on March 12th, our group and the local ColdFusion group, are jointly hosting our old friend Ted Patrick who is now with Sencha as their Director of Developer Relations. Ted will be here as part of the Flex to Sencha Road Show.

Important! RSVP's for this event are required - see below for more info about this event:

Ted Patrick currently holds the position of Director of Developer Relations at Sencha. He works with developers to create applications using web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Prior to Sencha, Ted worked at Barnes and Noble on NOOK Apps and prior to that on Flash & Flex at Adobe Systems. Along the way, he founded 4 companies as an entrepreneur, raised vc funding, and sold 1. Ted loves to write software. No, He really, really, loves to write software. So much he can hardly think of it as work. Ted especially loves to help solve the hard strategy problems in combining business and software. The past 2 years have been filled with learning the ins and outs of the Android Operating System and how best to write software for phone-tablet form factor devices (IOS/Android). Lately, Ted dove head first into building apps using HTML5. When he is not writing code, you will find him either spending time with his family or scuba diving.

Ted will be walking us through Sencha's frameworks for building mobile and desktop applications using web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. We will cover the framework's foundation (OOP+MVC), standard libraries, containers, components, xtype rendering, and most importantly cross-browser support. Bring an open mind and a laptop, we will be building applications from scratch; feel free to follow along. Sencha provides frameworks, tools, and services for building professional applications with HTML5.

Monday, March 12th, 6:00PM

UPENN/Wharton School of Business - Jon M. Huntsman Hall
3730 Walnut Street
Room F-90 (Floor plan PDF)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Google Maps - Yahoo Maps - MapQuest - BIng Maps

Seating for this event is limited, so if you wish to attend, please RSVP HERE - don't miss out on this event.

This should be a great event, food, beverages will be available and we hear some goodies from Sencha will be coming too. Not to be missed!

Posted: 02.15.2012 - 06:11am
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Flash ActionScript Jobs in Philly
Via Indeed.com

Senior Graphic Designer, Retail - JLL - Philadelphia, PA
Flash (Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0), After Effects, is a plus. Senior Graphic Designer....From JLL - Tue, …